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Our summer shipping promotion was so popular that we have decided it will become a permanent feature.


Starting October 1st 2013, TOPI is happy to announce that all customers will enjoy free shipping for any orders over $10!

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This summer only, we are pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over $10.

Beginning 1st June until 31st August, TOPI is offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $10. So don't wait, buy your TOPIs today!

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Closed over Lunar New Year

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The TOPI team will be taking a break over the Chinese Lunar New Year festivities celebrated between 21 Jan 2012 and 24 Jan 2012. All orders made during this time will be mailed on 25 Jan 2012 instead.

We wish all our customers a great Lunar year ahead!

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JTechApple's TOPI Unboxing

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well this December.

I am pleased to announce that our TOPIs have been reviewed!

Thank you JTechApple for unboxing our TOPIs and sharing them with the world.

Do catch our unboxing video at the following link  - JTechApple's TOPI Unboxing

Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you for your support and don't forget to support to JTechApple as well for his awesome product reviews!

Till we meet again next time!

Emily Chen

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TOPI Thanksgiving

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Hello Everyone!


Greetings from TOPI covers.


Thanksgiving has come around once again and TOPI would like to give a big THANK YOU for all your support!


In the spirit of giving, we would like to give you a huge discount this coming holiday.


Purchase 5 TOPIs or more for a 20% discount on us!


Simply key in the discount code ‘TOPITHANKS’ at the end of your shopping experience on our website to qualify.

Promotion ends on 11 December 2011.


Standard shipping charges apply.


"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie


Happy Thanks Giving!


The TOPI Team



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Happy New Year

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TOPI Covers wishes everyone a Happy New Year! 

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 Some words from our customers:

"... I use them daily.  ... ... Sure wish I’d found you guys earlier and saved myself some grief with previous phones and mp3 players.  Thanks,  Clifton R. “Johnny” Diamond" (USA)

"They were fantastic. I use mine on my Garmin Edge bicycle computer to help keep out the elements and on my small portable Cyanics speaker to bring out better base. Well worth the price.  Harry" (USA)

".... I'm also impressed by the quality of your covers. I bought them to protect my laptop and umpc, and I was quite sceptical about using it with my mobile phone too, being afraid of losing them in the everyday usage... I can confirm that the mini-usb and the audio covers perfectly fit in my Acer S200 without any problem (even if the phone body is not squared) and, till now, I've not experienced any unexpected popup... ...Great products,Your sincerely, Marco Minetti" (Italy)

"I love the Topi covers, although at list price they seema bit expensive for something so small (of course I understand that they need to be small!) and easily lost. ... ...  Nevertheless, good job, good product, thanks. Joe" (USA)

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Top 5 Reasons to TOPI

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5 reasons to TOPI the ports of your gadgets

Laptops, desktops, smartphones, gaming consoles… You have them all. In fact, You have spent effort and money to protect and accessorize them, with screen protectors, skins, casings, covers, bumpers, keyboard protectors etc.

However, what about the missing link – the unprotected port.

1) Protect your unused ports

Many computers and laptops have unused USB/HDMI/RJ45 ports. TOPI Covers will protect these ports from collecting dust and getting rusty. TOPI Covers also protect against accidental spillage, such as when you are having a drink while working on your laptop.

2) Accidental spillage voids warranties

Smartphones these days normally come with liquid damage detection indicator, in either the headphone jack, USB port, or both. Some accidental spillage and you may have void the warranty of your shiny new gadget. TOPI Covers can prevent this.

3) Cables can scratch your gadgets

Used to having all your cables and gadgets in a bag? Ever had the unpleasant experience of your USB cable scratching your shiny new laptop? TOPI Covers also offers a solution to this dilemma. By covering the metal part of usb cable, you are essentially protecting your gadgets from scratches as well.

4) No more USB drives with missing covers

Your camera or mobile phone comes with the rubber cover for its ports but you accidentally yanked it off? Lost the cover for your USB drive? TOPI Covers are excellent replacements and having some extras on hand means you won't ever have a USB drive without a cover again.

5) Avoid hefty repair and replacement bills

At TOPI Covers, we believe in taking care of our gadgets, to extend their lifespan and avoid heartaches due to damage. Repairing or replacing gadgets can be very expensive. Investing a little to protect your them pays off much more than you think.

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