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 Some words from our customers:

"... I use them daily.  ... ... Sure wish I’d found you guys earlier and saved myself some grief with previous phones and mp3 players.  Thanks,  Clifton R. “Johnny” Diamond" (USA)

"They were fantastic. I use mine on my Garmin Edge bicycle computer to help keep out the elements and on my small portable Cyanics speaker to bring out better base. Well worth the price.  Harry" (USA)

".... I'm also impressed by the quality of your covers. I bought them to protect my laptop and umpc, and I was quite sceptical about using it with my mobile phone too, being afraid of losing them in the everyday usage... I can confirm that the mini-usb and the audio covers perfectly fit in my Acer S200 without any problem (even if the phone body is not squared) and, till now, I've not experienced any unexpected popup... ...Great products,Your sincerely, Marco Minetti" (Italy)

"I love the Topi covers, although at list price they seema bit expensive for something so small (of course I understand that they need to be small!) and easily lost. ... ...  Nevertheless, good job, good product, thanks. Joe" (USA)

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