Top 5 Reasons to TOPI

Laptops, desktops, smartphones, gaming consoles… You have them all. In fact, You have spent effort and money to protect and accessorize them, with screen protectors, skins, casings, covers, bumpers, keyboard protectors etc.

However, what about the missing link – the unprotected port.

1) Protect your unused ports

Many computers and laptops have unused USB/HDMI/RJ45 ports. TOPI Covers will protect these ports from collecting dust and getting rusty. TOPI Covers also protect against accidental spillage, such as when you are having a drink while working on your laptop.

2) Accidental spillage voids warranties

Smartphones these days normally come with liquid damage detection indicator, in either the headphone jack, USB port, or both. Some accidental spillage and you may have void the warranty of your shiny new gadget. TOPI Covers can prevent this.

3) Cables can scratch your gadgets

Used to having all your cables and gadgets in a bag? Ever had the unpleasant experience of your USB cable scratching your shiny new laptop? TOPI Covers also offers a solution to this dilemma. By covering the metal part of usb cable, you are essentially protecting your gadgets from scratches as well.

4) No more USB drives with missing covers

Your camera or mobile phone comes with the rubber cover for its ports but you accidentally yanked it off? Lost the cover for your USB drive? TOPI Covers are excellent replacements and having some extras on hand means you won't ever have a USB drive without a cover again.

5) Avoid hefty repair and replacement bills

At TOPI Covers, we believe in taking care of our gadgets, to extend their lifespan and avoid heartaches due to damage. Repairing or replacing gadgets can be very expensive. Investing a little to protect your them pays off much more than you think.